Sometimes the most unlikely people say the most profound things in the most unexpected moments. I was riding in a taxi on the way home from the airport recently when the driver asked me how my trip was. I said, “Good!” He replied, “Any trip you can come home from is a good one.” This hit me like a brick to the forehead.

Consider what home means to you and your sometimes crazy, inexplicable life. To me home is coming back into oneness with the Universe, God, Source whatever you want to call it. Finding home is akin to finding the Holy Grail.

We all spend our lives going on journeys. We are seeking adventure, knowledge, enlightenment, answers, fun. And yet many of us have this feeling after a trip, “Gosh! It feels so good to be home.” We develop a renewed appreciation for our home. Sometimes the journey away from home is necessary for us to remember the feeling of home and our gratitude for home.

Life is like one long journey. We are all trying to get back home. For me, home exists within me. It can be found nowhere else outside my own heart. When I can truly say that all of my thoughts are coming from love, then I will have achieved enlightenment. I will return to where I came from, love.

Whatever your religion, whatever your belief, know that you are a product of love, you are loved no matter your mistakes, and once you return to love, you will find home. Then you can fully understand that this trip we call life is a good one.