Do you know when to stop? I am referring to knowing when to stop working and rest due to complete and utter physical exhaustion.

Unfortunately, many of us are unaware when it is time to rest. We push ourselves beyond our physical capacity. We over rely on adrenaline, norepinephrine, and cortisol to get us through everyday life situations. Those chemicals keep us functioning and increase dramatically during life or death situations. Sadly, many of us have learned how to ramp up our internal stress to the point where our brains believe we are in a life or death situation, when in reality, we are just trying to meet a deadline for work or get all the kids to where they need to be.

Having these chemicals pumping through our systems at unhealthy levels over time lead to all kinds of illnesses. We all know about stress related illness or the need for sleep and rest. We do not seem to be listening to our bodies though. Some of us don’t even have a clue what we actually feel because we stopped listening a long time ago.

We decided that emotions and physical warning signs really are annoying and get in the way of “getting things done.” So, on we go ignoring the signs until we end up with something we can’t ignore, like cancer, a heart attack, or a chronic illness.

You know people who have worked themselves to death. I bet you could name five off the top of your head. Would someone else put your name on their list?

If you still yourself for a moment and stop thinking, what do you feel? Do you notice how tired your body is? Are you sad and do not know why? Maybe you are angry. The point is to start paying attention and listening to your body and what it is telling you.

Most of us are in desperate need of more sleep (personally, I regularly need 8 to 9 hours to function well). Most of us need more rest and play in our lives. We spend billions of dollars on life extending supplements when, in reality, our body is screaming for a break. The body will get the break one way or another no matter how many supplements you take. You can either choose to rest, or your body will start to shut itself down to help it survive.

Know when to say when.