What does metaphysical mean?

A metaphysician, in the philosophical sense, studies the fundamental nature of reality and existence itself. This study extends beyond Newtonian physics and the physical realm. Much of the work is based on quantum physics and what many would consider spiritual. A practicing metaphysician then is a healer who makes changes in the physical world through meta-physical principles including the principles of thoughts, emotions, energy, and spirit. Seems like magic…but it isn’t. Simply, a metaphysician can help you transmute unhealthy thoughts, emotions, patterns of behavior, and belief systems, into positive energy so you may lead the life you were intended and deserve. If you see a doctor, please, follow their advice.

Are there men’s and women’s bracelets?

All our bracelets are unisex. Some could be considered to be suitable for larger men or smaller women, although, we do not wish to categorize the bracelets because we believe in free will, and we do not believe in categorizing people or bracelets. If you are drawn to a bracelet, it is for you! If you have any questions or need to talk to us about what might work well for yourself or someone else, we are always happy to discuss this on the phone or via email. We also prefer to have you tell us the size you are needing, and we can work to make the bracelet sized to your preference. Some people like to wear them tighter and others prefer a looser fit. There is no right or wrong.

What if the bracelet doesn’t fit?

We are totally serious about the sizing business. We have sent bracelets back and forth overseas many times to get a perfect fit because you are very important!

Do I need to care for my bracelet?

We recommend not wearing the bracelets in chlorinated water or exposing them to harsh chemicals as it can harm some of the stones and metals.

What happens if my bracelet breaks?

If the bracelet ever breaks just gather the stones (or as many as you can find) and send them to us. We will reconstruct the bracelet free of charge minus the cost for you to ship it to us. We believe that when a bracelet breaks, it is time for something new! We might incorporate some new stones in the reconstruction of the bracelet to match your newly evolved self. We think that is pretty cool.

I have more questions

Not finding what you need here? Send us an email and we’ll get back to you ASAP.