The body knows how to heal itself, we just have the flashlight.

Spiritual Counseling – Our favorite is when people come to us wanting to know more and grow as a person. We would love to partner with you on your journey.

Channeled Reading – Spirit has a message for you! This is your opportunity to hear it and gain new insight into who you really are. This is a wonderful chance to find out your gifts and spiritual attributes. Find out if your are on your true path in life. Then, begin to understand what you should be focusing on now. 1 hour.

Life Coaching – Life Coaching is a long term relationship established between the coach and the client. This relationship is a model for building healthy relationships in life. Having a life coach is like having a partner, cheerleader, and objective observer that is working for your highest good in life.

AD/HD Coaching – Ian specializes in working with people who have AD/HD tendencies (many are entrepreneurs!). It does not matter if you have been “diagnosed” or not. If you struggle with attention, focus, organization, transitions, task completion, meeting the expectations of others, or are just overwhelmed by things in life that others are not, Ian can help you find your way to a happy more fulfilled life with a lot less stress.

Color & Sound Healing – The properties of light and color and sound vibrations have been researched heavily. This is a wonderful way to restore balance and harmony to your chakras and energy bodies. It is an absolute delight to the senses. This takes approximately 1 hour.

Marriages – Work with us to design the perfect ceremony incorporating exactly what you would want for your perfect ceremony. Kimberlee and Ian are also available for pre-marital workshops were couples safely explore their unspoken agreements, heal anything that might prevent a successful partnering, and establish a strong foundation for a healthy future.

Funerals – We are humbled to be able to help families in their time of need. We are wonderful listeners, and want to help you express your heart and assist in whatever manner is needed.

Baptisms – We can work with you to customize a baptism that is a true reflection of your beliefs and faith.

Advanced Healing – This is an extensive on the table healing utilizing many techniques including crystals, energy transmutation, chakra cleansing, emotional and mental block removal, and spirit release. 1 to 2 hours. Often follow up sessions are recommended based on the findings.

Inner Sanctuary Training – If you want one of the best meditations you will ever learn, this is it. We will guide you through building your own inner sanctuary. Once built, your inner sanctuary can be visited on a daily basis or whenever needed to regain your balance, restore your energy, start your creative juices flowing, establish a profound sense of well-being and peace, and receive inspiration and insight. 5 three hour classes. Often offered as a group class of 4 to 10 people beginning on Friday evening and ending on Sunday afternoon.

Trance and Lotus Healing – This is a gentle way to move stuck energy and remove blocks. Trance healing done alone is effective, however combined with Astral Massage (Lotus Healing), the healing tends to be much more profound increasing vitality and circulation. Trance Healings can be done in 30 minutes. A Lotus Healing can take up to 1 hour.

Brazilian Light Energization – An advanced healing that brings enormous energy to oneself as well as enlightenment. This was designed by Mauricio Panisset, the famous Brazilian healer known as The Man of Light. This experience is different for everyone. When you are ready to experience your Kundalini energy, we will let you know. It takes only 30 minutes.

Blood Cleanse – Purifies the mental and emotional states to be able to receive healing. Blood signifies thought, thus the term blood cleanse. Forgiveness is the key word here. This is part guided meditation/part healer working/part client forgiving while relaxing on the table. This is a great starting point for many or a wonderful reset. 45 to 60 minutes.

Yhandi’s Inner Light (Healing the Inner Child and Inner Adult) – Yhandi is an incredibly powerful process to heal the Inner Child and the Inner Adult. Balance is brought to thoughts and feelings. Yhandi helps to heal memories of abuse and neglect while also bringing health to the sense of accomplishment and the idea of work. 4 consecutive days (approximately 15 hours).

Reflective Healing – Want a new organ or part of the body? Yes, we are serious. Your body can do amazing things when it believes it can! An etheric surgery within the four layers of the etheric body for physical regeneration, balancing the hemispheres of the brain, and drawing the Kundalini energy into the pineal and pituitary glands , awakening higher centers. This process should be repeated 3 times over a period of 3 days. Each session takes approximately 1 hour.

Spirit Release – Many people have “attachments.” Sometimes we are simply attached to another person. Attachments can also be thought forms, other souls, or entities of varying types. We may not be aware they are there, however, these attachments can interfere with our lives. It is extremely important for your spirit to be free of whatever it is ready to release. This is a gentle and compassionate process. Only what you are ready to release will present itself.

Lectures – Kimberlee is a published author and experienced speaker. She has lectured on the many topics from the social and emotional needs of the gifted, twice exceptional students and how to meet their needs, parenting, processing emotions, to spirituality. Kimberlee has lectured at universities, schools, organizations, and conferences. Ian is also a seasoned speaker having lectured at conferences, organizations, corporations, and schools. He has lectured on topics related to communication, AD/HD, leadership development, inclusion, and spirituality.

Holistic Healing System – Called “Connecting with Spirit”, this is a comprehensive system designed to renew your life and intentionally craft a Life Plan that serves your highest good. It can be completed in 3 weeks or customized as needed. Mental and emotional blocks will be cleared. You will gain a deep understanding of the Spiritual Self as the source of healing. Physical healing techniques are applied throughout this regeneration: Trance Healing, Blood Cleanse, Color & Sound Healing, Lotus Massage, Reflective Healing, and Energization. If you are the thorough type, this is for you!

    • Align with your higher self
    • Define your direction and goals
    • Awaken your intuitive and creative senses
    • Discover your spiritual gifts and abilities
    • Cleanse and purify toxic energies that have accumulated in your body robbing you of your vitality
    • Become a new, stronger, directive, and purposeful you

Hypnotherapy – A gentle way to heal subconscious wounds and fears. We often need to go deeper to unveil the actual causes of our blocks or unhappiness in life. By working in the subconscious, we can assist you to heal thoughts and emotions or past traumas. This is typically done on an as needed basis while working with us in a coaching setting or as part of your metaphysical work.

Past Life Regression – Learn about past lives that are relevant to your current life. Past life regression is meant to help you gain insight and understanding into the experience you are having now. Healing in a past life can heal things in this life. 1 hour.