Home is where the heart is… literally. Here are some services we offer that can help you feel more at home while calm and relaxed.

Spiritual Counseling – Our favorite is when people come to us wanting to know more and grow as a person. We would love to partner with you on your journey.

Channeled Reading – Spirit has a message for you! This is your opportunity to hear it and gain new insight into who you really are. This is a wonderful chance to find out your gifts and spiritual attributes. Then, begin to understand what you should be focusing on now. 1 hour.

Color & Sound Healing – The properties of light and color and sound vibrations have been researched heavily. This is a wonderful way to restore balance and harmony to your chakras and energy bodies. It is an absolute delight to the senses. This takes approximately 1 hour.

Advanced Healing – This is an extensive on the table healing utilizing many techniques including crystals, energy transmutation, chakra cleansing, emotional and mental block removal, color, and sound. 1 to 2 hours. Often follow up sessions are recommended based on the findings.

Inner Sanctuary Training – If you want one of the best meditations you will ever learn, this is it. We will guide you through building your own inner sanctuary. Once built, your inner sanctuary can be visited on a daily basis or whenever needed to regain your balance, restore your energy, start your creative juices flowing, establish a profound sense of well-being and peace, and receive inspiration and insight. 5 three hour classes. Often offered as a group class of 4 to 10 people beginning on Friday evening and ending on Sunday afternoon.

Yhandi’s Inner Light (Healing the Inner Child and Inner Adult) – Yhandi is an incredibly powerful process to heal the Inner Child and the Inner Adult. Balance is brought to thoughts and feelings. Yhandi helps to heal memories of abuse and neglect while also bringing health to the sense of accomplishment and the idea of work. 4 consecutive days (approximately 15 hours).

Marriages – Work with us to design the perfect ceremony incorporating exactly what you would want for your perfect ceremony. Kimberlee and Ian are also available for pre-marital workshops were couples safely explore their unspoken agreements, heal anything that might prevent a successful partnering, and establish a strong foundation for a healthy future.

Funerals – We are humbled to be able to help families in their time of need. We are wonderful listeners, and want to help you express your heart and assist in whatever manner is needed.

Baptisms – We can work with you to customize a baptism that is a true reflection of your beliefs and faith.

Lectures – Kimberlee is a published author and experienced speaker. She has lectured on many topics from the social and emotional needs of the gifted, twice exceptional students and how to meet their needs, parenting, processing emotions, to spirituality. Kimberlee has lectured at universities, schools, organizations, and conferences. Ian is also a seasoned speaker having lectured at conferences, organizations, corporations, and schools. He has lectured on topics related to emotions, communication, AD/HD, leadership development, inclusion, and spirituality.