The Mermaid Stone

Aquamarine is the mermaid stone! Often a blue green in color it was named by Roman fisherman “water of the sea” believing the stone would increase the amount of fish they caught. They also believed that aquamarine had the power to reconcile friendships or people at odds with one another. Found in Egyptian tombs, aquamarine was believed by Sumerians and Egyptians to be a symbol of happiness and everlasting youth. In 14th century Europe nobles coveted the stone because they believed it to be an antidote for poison! The mythology of aquamarine is endless.

Today metaphysicians believe it can protect those traveling over seas, soothe one’s emotions, and promote loving communication between friends and lovers. Those in long marriages can recruit the gentle compassion of the aquamarine stone to reinvigorate love. Such a wonderful story behind aquamarine. A stone of natural justice aquamarine offers courage and clarity in confrontational conversations!
The center blue and white stone in this bracelet is the cleansing Brazilian Kyanite – powerful enough to never need cleansing itself (only citrine is similarly capable). The flat pink stones are rose quartz.