Chakra Stones

The Chakra Bracelet! Oooo…. mystical! Many people ask me what is the purpose of chakra jewelry other than it’s colorful and it implies you know something about energy.

Chakras are like little energy centers in our body and there a lots of them, not just the standard 7 represented here. There are 7 primary chakras that run through your core. And if one isn’t spinning harmoniously you might feel off and may even be struggling. Energy workers feel which chakras are closed, sluggish or on fire to get a clue as to what a person might need to overcome their issue. And, yes, I can really feel them. I am not a nut. You can too if you practice!

I like to think of chakra jewelry as a little map that can help guide your energy. Notice all 7 colors are equally represented and are in order from root (red garnet) to crown (pink lepidolite). I love giving chakra bracelets to children because they are full of fun colors and offer their developing chakras something to aspire to. I wear chakra bracelets when I feel out of balance.

The other chakras are represented by orange carnelian, yellow jade, green malachite, blue lapis lazuli, and purple amethyst.

Interesting note: chakras respond not only to color but specific musical notes!