Yes! We can make you a custom bracelet. In fact, we’d love to!

Sometimes people see a bracelet I have made and know it is a match for their needs and desires. Other people are intrigued by the pre-made designs, however, they are really wanting something that is designed specifically for them or the person they have in mind. If you are wanting a bracelet designed for yourself or a someone special, then you are in the right place.

First, consider what you are wanting more of in your life. Many people want more peace, less stress, health, success, happiness, courage, and on the list goes. Others are experiencing a life transition of sorts like a move, a career shift, or an emotional healing. I encourage people to think of a primary job for the bracelet such as increasing spiritual awareness. The more focused the intention, the more likely it is that the bracelet will be helpful to the wearer. Even if you are unsure about believing in the metaphysical properties of stones, having a psychological reminder on your wrist of what you are trying to shift for the better is very powerful.

Sometimes people want a certain stone included in the bracelet or specific colors, however, more often than not, they want to see what comes through to me based on the actual energetic need. We are always delighted to see how well the custom bracelets end up matching the person! I often hear people say, “That bracelet looks like her!” or “It is a perfect match for him!”

After you order a custom bracelet, we can begin a dialogue that will help the bracelet come into being. I might ask you for the first name of the person for which the bracelet is intended so I can better attune to their energy. As always, fit is critical. I will need a wrist measurement or a guess if it a surprise, and even then we may have to resize based on preference. That is perfectly normal and encouraged. We want you to feel important because you are.

If you know basically what you want in a bracelet, the charge for channeling, designing, and constructing the bracelet is $200 plus shipping. If I do not have the materials needed (which happens on occasion) I will search the world for them. Sometimes it takes a while, but it is worth the wait.

If you are the curious (and brave) sort, we can set up a more intensive exploration of what might suit your needs. You will learn what I intuitively sense your strengths and gifts are along with what you need to focus on now to live a more fulfilled life. A custom designed bracelet will reflect what we learn during our spiritual exploration. The cost for a reading resulting in a custom bracelet is $280.

Each bracelet spends a great deal of time on elestial quartz, amethyst, citrine, clear quartz, and Lemurian crystals to cleanse and energize them to their full potential. Finally, I bless each piece accordingly. Each bracelet is custom sized and can be adjusted if needed. We will repair any broken bracelet free of charge.

If you’re ready to get started, contact us!

I look forward to hearing from you!