Violence, the new norm???

I rarely post anything political or comment on current events. We work very hard to stay out of daily drama and especially the media. After the Las Vegas shootings, I have to say something in support of those who really care. Too many of us are wondering what is happening to our country, our society, and our world. Violence, while common in many areas of the world, is not an everyday occurrence here in a country who has seen very little combat recently on her home soil.

In the seventies and eighties, we used to send our children off to play outside with their friends and as long as they were home for dinner, we didn’t think much of it. Now, it is almost unheard of not to know where your child is let alone with whom he/she is playing. Most everything our children do is supervised. We don’t let them out of our sight. When they turn 18, we let the reins loose a little, and we might even let them go to a concert with friends or off to college (of course, with at least a daily text check-in).

I woke up the morning after the Las Vegas shootings to complete and utter shock at what occurred. My 18 year old loves country western music festivals and has been to a few. He could have been in Vegas. I have friends who had their young adult children there at the concert. We have friends who had a family member injured in the chaos of the event. So, I had the complete mom-freak-out. Human moment. I cried for the families and lost lives. Plus, my heart still aches for Puerto Rico and all the islands in the Caribbean and Houston and southern Florida and so on and so on.

I grew up during the Cold War. We lived in a constant fear of the Soviet Union. I remember listening to my chemistry teacher say, “Forget duck and cover, drive as fast as you can towards the nuclear bomb and hope you don’t survive.” When the Cold War died, we had a bit of a reprieve. Bad things happened but they were headline news and rarely had competing stories.

The Gulf War began and that was scary, but it wasn’t here, so many of us could just watch from the safety of our insulated nation. Fast forward to 911. Our lives were never the same.

Somehow we got through it. Most of us returned to our life of believing that bad things happened elsewhere or to “those” people. The bad things are here now. Innocent people we know and love are being killed, hurt, and terrorized. I read the news, and I am deeply impacted. Despite my spiritual training and my many years of holding love and light, I am still empathic and cannot help but be deeply moved by the outpouring of darkness we are currently seeing in our world.

Something has to change.

Ah! But it is! The important lesson to take away from all of this darkness, is that we are now able to clearly choose because everything is in our face almost every day. The choice is between light and dark, love and fear. The universe is really trying to get our attention. Our nation isn’t so safe or insulated anymore. We can no longer sit idly by and watch from afar the atrocities that occur all over the world. It is now impossible not to notice the darkness. It’s like Darth Vader is staring us in the face, and we need to make a choice. Join forces with the dark side or choose the light.

You may think choosing to stand in love and light will not make a difference in the world but research tells us otherwise. Read the book Connected by Christakis and Fowler. We know what we think and feel affects those around us and those around them. There are only 6 degrees of separation between you and the entire world. So while you may only be one drop in a big pond, your ripple will make a difference. And if enough of us raise our consciousness and our light, it will drown out the darkness. The darkness will resist, and that is what we are seeing now. The darkness is rising up in response to the rise in people’s awareness and their desire for something better.

Do not be discouraged. Keep raising the bar. Love more. Love those around you. Send love to those who are in need. It makes a difference. We are not helpless or hopeless. We must keep saying no to the darkness. Violence is NOT normal. We must never let ourselves become numb to it. We must also not be sucked down into the despair. If we do get caught in a moment of despair, we must pick ourselves up again and shine our light. I have had to remind myself recently over and over again. That is ok. Every time I emotionally collapse, I get up stronger than I was before because every energy in the universe must bow to love.

Never give up. The light will ultimately win. It is inevitable. So, when the darkness appears and bad things happen, that is our cue to love more and rise up and shine our lights. Everyone shines their light in different ways. Some care for families. Some work to help those in need. Some pray. Never underestimate your contribution. Just because you are not famous or rich or have a high ranking position, does not mean you are less important to the cause of raising the global consciousness. We are all equally important.

Your smile offered to a stranger makes a difference no matter who you are. Your helping hand, your prayer, your kindness is the drop in the pond that will stir those around you to do the same.

Have faith in love. God bless us all.