Kimberlee’s book Parenting is Hard. Suffering is Optional. is now in print!

Readers of Parenting is Hard. Suffering is Optional. will feel relieved to know they are not alone in their struggle to master one of the most difficult jobs on the planet. Parenting is a unique challenge faced by an enormous percentage of the population, yet all parents privately struggle to be the parent they really want to be. Parents with disabled or challenging children will laugh and cry along with Kimberlee Anne King as she shares her struggle to seek enlightenment through her exceptional children and what they have taught her about herself. Parents of typically abled children will feel invigorated by the fresh perspective on parenting Kimberlee offers: focus on yourself because that is all one can truly control.

That’s the marketing bit. Honestly, I am overwhelmed by the response to the book. It has been an honor to touch the lives of so many. Here are a few comments:

  • “It’s brilliant and funny and just so SO worth your time! If you love yourself enough you will take the time to read. Do it for yourself. Do it for your children.”
  • “My heart is filled with such happiness right now. And I am counting on keeping that happiness tomorrow and the day after that and so on…. You are a beautiful, intelligent, hilarious human being Kim. I am a better person, parent, and child after reading this. I really can’t wait to share this with so many. What I took away from reading this is invaluable.”
  • “Love this Kim! What a great read. Especially liked this part…read it over and over!! We do need to pat ourselves on the back constantly…”
  • “I feel I can be a better parent, child, and person after reading this wonderful book! It inspired me, reconfirmed things for me, and most of all educated me through truth and humor. I loved it!”
  • “Full of love and very practical. Parenting IS hard. This book will confirm you (and your children) are not alone on this journey. This book will make you smile along the way – how can you not love a book with a chapter entitled ‘Where are My F&$#ing Cheez-Its?'”

The book is meant to help people understand that the chaos we all experience in life is a chance to learn and grow, not a form of torture. Kids tend to really up the level of chaos in people’s lives. So do our own parents. Even if you do not have kids, this book will help you better understand your own parents and your relationship with them.

Suffering is optional. You can be grateful for your opportunities for growth or feel like a victim of a merciless universe (I have been there so many times). The choice is truly yours. (Hint: If you really embrace your lessons you will find that you are not repeating them over and over and over. I personally prefer to learn my lesson and move on to the next.) Parenting is Hard. Suffering is Optional. is my story of how my extraordinary children helped me find my way to a greater understanding of myself and how to live a more fulfilled life.

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